As our area faces the devastating losses from the Camp Fire, here’s something that may spark our perseverance:

We are those people.
We are those people who, rather than succumb to disaster, rise up and build.
Those whom adversity does not defeat, but rather hardens our resolve and fires our resiliency.
Those who feel the pain, stung by loss, yet are able to look past it and move on to the promise of better days yet to come.
We will not only recover; we will not only rebuild; we will come back stronger, go farther, be better than we were before.
The blasting heat of hardship for us will only harden our steel and temper our resolve.
We are authors who contend that the present account is not the last word in our story, that we have the power to write our own ending.
We’ll cry for a while, but very soon we’ll smile again, put on our work clothes, grab our tools and our faith, and show the doubters how believers come back.
We are those who push back the setback, bring the light to the dark; and, when to weaker souls it would seem the time to cave in, we are those who bring the force of hope.
We are those people.

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