"A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle.” - Irina Dunn

It was Gloria Steinem who popularized this battle cry of radical feminism, spoken first by Dunn. It seems that Steinem and Dunn could brush up a bit on the study of human reproduction, but, let’s move on to the main point.

Feminism’s origin - equal rights for women to end the tyranny of nasty machismo - was the venerable first motive. However, too much of the movement warped into doing to men the wrongs done to women. Not in totality as a movement, but too strident a portion of the movement simply became vengeance against masculinity, rather the trying to right a wrong. 

Simply put, we men will be men. Feminized men are not the answer to misogyny. Femininity and masculinity are not mutually exclusive. Surely, aggressive, selfish, mean masculinity cannot be tolerated. But you know one of the best solutions to men being jerks? Men being men! Strong enough to push back the jerks.

Jesus was the Lamb of God, and the Lion of Judah. Where, when did this one sided picture emerge of Jesus as a quiet, passive, never ruffled dainty flower? The Man Christ Jesus kicked over tables, braided a whip, called out hypocrites, confronted friends with uncomfortable truths (he called Peter ‘Satan’) and on we could go. Sure, he wept, he demonstrated deep compassion, he was approachable by kids, and more. But when those around him needed a rugged Savior, his masculinity asserted itself without apology. He was no wilting bloom, but full of passion and life and manliness!

Thinking about Father’s Day is the spark for this rant. Manliness - it’s the difference between Chamberlain trying to appease Hitler and Churchill shoving the war right back in Hitler’s face. Which of these two would you want protecting you and the kids if an intruder broke into your house?

Velvet and steel, tough and tender, strong and sensitive. As C.S. Lewis said of the great lion Aslan in his novels ‘The Chronicles of Narnia’ - ‘he’s not a tame lion, but he’s good.’

Men, live in the Spirit of Christ, loving, leading, unselfish, but never intimidated. Find your lion. 

Stop living on a leash.