I am fully aware that in this season of gratitude, the title of this piece may appear way out of line. Stay with me.

From a Christian standpoint, not only in this season, but in all times we live with the Biblical urging ‘In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you’ (1Thess. 5:18). Thankfulness is not only a good for positive mental health, but for the believer it is God’s will, which should drive and direct all that we do. This is just one of a host of scriptures making the point.

Surely, even many who are not motivated by Christian belief are stirred up in this season to expressing thanks for good fortune, along with reaching out to reconnect with loved ones. So, when is discontent desirable?

It is desirable discontent that has caused peoples all the world over to revolt against tyranny and fight for human rights and democracy. It is discontent that has caused the scientific population to rise up against the ravages of disease and go for the cure. Discontent drives the disadvantaged teen from the ghetto to get the college education and discover their best self. It sets fire to a church hungry for revival. It wrenches one out of their pew to an altar to come to terms with God, finding eternal life.

Consider this, are we capable of hiding fear of change, complacency, laziness, all such, behind a guise of ‘contentment’, when actually it is vice dressed up as virtue? Are we brave, discerning and true enough to judge our ‘contentment’ by this measure? Let’s face the question with ourselves.

We owe these people a great debt of gratitude, those who are discontent that things are as good as they’ll ever get. 

Be one of those discontented that brings great change.