Dietrich Bonhoeffer, German theologian and ultimately Christian martyr at the hands of Hitler’s Nazis, stated this - 'Being a Christian is less about avoiding sin, and more about actively and courageously doing the will of God.'

‘Actively and courageously doing’ - here is a powerful formula for Apostolic mission. We cannot be so minimal to believe that escaping defeat is the same as winning a victory; that because we survived another day without doing wrong, that is enough. This is a piece of victory, yes, but there isn’t a sporting event anywhere that wins on defense alone, with no offensive scoring. 

Joshua’s brother in faith, Caleb, wanted the mountain region, where lived the giants who a generation before had kept Israel out of the Promised Land. The Church in Jerusalem had exploded with astonishing revival, but the commission was still ‘unto the uttermost part of the earth.’ Jabez prayed for the favor of God (1 Chron. 4:10), and part of that prayer was ‘enlarge my coast.’ Bring me into more territory, increase the perimeter of my boundaries. And God granted his prayer. But if Jabez’ borders increased, it required the enemy to give up some territory. This is not a case for self-serving ambition, but when it comes to the Enemy of the Church, let’s snatch from him every bit of his turf God will give us! 

This from Dan. 11:32 ‘… but the people that do know their God shall be strong, and do exploits.’ Exploits - bold and daring feats. Let’s enlarge our definition of winning. Not just we avoid doing wrong, but we also advance the kingdom. Our mixture for mission is now much more potent.