To remain as a congregation, for the lifetime of Truth Church, steadfast in the Apostle’s Doctrine of Acts 2:38 salvation; in the Oneness of God as stated in Deuteronomy 6:4; in Biblical holiness of character and lifestyle; in passion to win the lost for Christ and strengthen the Church both locally and abroad.

To ever realize that the New Testament Church is our model for defining ourselves; that we must continually strive to match their lifestyle, teaching  and experience.

To be a welcoming and compassionate congregation, while at the same time unwavering in practicing and teaching the Biblical principle that Christ likeness in our lives is the intent of salvation.

To establish a thriving home church in Chico as our base of mission.

To provide top quality training and equipping of leaders and workers to carry out this Vision.

To develop church ministries serving the needs of all families and individuals, both spiritually and socially, from all walks of life.

To establish branch works in cities all over this Northern Sacramento Valley, from the Feather River to the Oregon border.

To be an active influence in our communities for helpful human service, righteousness and compassion, beginning in Chico and wherever else our influence extends.

To be fit spiritually, financially and with talent, enabling us to help others or those from Truth Church in planting churches all over the USA and foreign lands

To believe together that this is just the beginning...